Moving Check List

Preparing to Move
Moving can be a very busy and hectic time especially if you’ve been renting for a few years and will now be moving into your new home. Use the following checklist adapted from Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation to make sure you don’t forget anything during your move to your new home.
CHECKLIST: Planning Your Move
2 to 3 weeks before you move:
❑ Buy boxes and other moving supplies
❑ Donate or throw away unwanted items
❑ Take toxic household cleaners, old paint and other chemicals to your local Toxic Waste Centre (search website for location)
❑ Make any necessary travel arrangements or reservations
❑ Notify your children’s’ old school and register at their new school
❑ Contact Canada Post to forward your mail to your new address
❑ Arrange for telephone service at your new home
❑ Arrange to return any Cable TV equipment to your cable company
❑ Transfer your car insurance and license plates if needed
❑ Get copies of all medical, dental and veterinary records Contact or send change of address cards to:
❑ Driver’s license, Health cards, Insurance ❑ Employer(s), doctor, dentist
❑ Magazines and other subscriptions ❑ Memberships
❑ Canada Customs and Revenue Agency ❑ Bank accounts and credit cards

1 to 2 weeks before you move:
❑ Return anything you have borrowed
❑ Arrange for your major appliances to be moved (if you will be taking them with you)
❑ Safely dispose of any flammable materials
❑ Arrange to disconnect utilities at your old home and connect utilities at your new home

2 to 7 days before you move:
❑ Find out what you can bring with you if you are traveling by car, bus, train or plane
❑ Pack a suitcase or small box with the clothes and other things you will need for the first few days in your new home

The day before you move:
❑ Take down your curtains and curtain rods
❑ Empty and defrost the refrigerator and clean the stove
❑ Pack all of your personal items except for anything you will need tonight and tomorrow
❑ Collect all your keys and keep them in a safe place

Moving day:
❑ Keep your paperwork where you can find it
❑ Pack all your bedding linens, toiletries, etc
❑ Do a final “walk through” to check every room, closet and cabinet to be sure you aren’t forgetting anything
❑ If you hired a moving company, walk through your home with the supervisor to make a list of all your boxes and belongings
❑ Clean your old home or apartment and inspect it with the landlord
❑ Confirm your new address with the moving company, and ask what time they will be arriving
❑ Make sure you know how to contact your new landlord or superintendent

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